Monday, March 17, 2014

Melissa D. with her son & grand son
 Hello everyone, my name is Jackie and I have a good friend named Melissa (who resides in MO), whom I talk to daily who just learned a couple of months ago that she has Stage 4 Breast Cancer which has already reached to the bone of her spine.  

She receives Medicaid but it does not cover her physical therapy plus other expenses she incurs for her chemotherapy treatments. She also has really bad leg pains that the doctor cannot treat and that is why she is in physical therapy.

She is in need of medical equipment such as a wheel chair or scooter, a leg massage machine and more groceries such as fruit and veggies to aid her in her wellness.

Plus she is a single mom and has a young son at home with her and because of her declining health cannot get a regular job outside the home and is on SSI once a month to cover her rent, utilities, bills and groceries and hardly has anything leftover for anything extra.

Since she is at Stage 4 already, her chemo treatments are very strong and has caused her hair to already fall out. She is most likely going to shave her head very soon and maybe get a hat or wig when she can.

Personally, I donate when I can or help out where I can, being a single mom myself, I can only do so much each time.

Please also send prayers and wishes to her because is normally in a lot of pain because of her legs and very tired a week after her chemo treatments.

To Donate to Melissa D. her PayPal Email is