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Complete 1 Offer http://www.YourFreeiPadMini.com/index.php?ref=7504245

Freebie Trainn Explanation Basically Fortune 500 companies pay me to try a trial offer and then find x amount of my friends to do the same to get paid.

On this project I do a $5 offer and find 6-10 of my friends to do the same for PayPal Cash

NOTE: Your Friends/Family CANNOT be in the same household/IIP/Computer/NO Library Computer
1. Visit

...make sure the referrer is m_duncan65324@yahoo.com

2. Put your email in and complete registration

3. Choose Referral (not points) 

4. Complete the Healthsource Multivitamin offer on Page 3...

5. Leave confirmation window for offer open about 3 minutes

6. Return to original Trainn site to get your very own referral link. Start promoting

Complete Offers on M's Superior Freebies Link -> http://super75.superiorfreebies.com/index.php?r=1305
Sign up for Inbox Dollars http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref13921535

Contact for other ways to contribute such as services or products (i.e. web design, banners, marketing and advertising, sponsoring, etc) 

Jackie Rose 
Campaign Manager and Friend of Melissa D. 

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  1. Ok. I am going out on a limb here. I have a 8 year old son who's name is Jesse. And, His father is not in his life. His name is only on the birth certificate. I can not get out of the paper work that needs to be done. So IF something happens to me he would go live with his sister. In order for me to self-represent and file the papers to get full custody of my son I need $175.00 PLEASE can everyone help me make this small goal! I need this done to have a peace of mind that things will be in order and the school needs it too. I can then designate Who can be Jesses care taker. Thank you Jackie for all your hard work, and giving to me when you can!